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Preschool Gymnastics

Parent & Tots : 18m - 2.5yrs

The first introduction to gymnastics for our tiniest athletes.Tiny Tots is a  parent participation class. They will climb , crawl and roll their way though this exciting class

$65 a month

Tots : 2.5 yrs -3.5 yrs

This class teaches the fundamentals of gymnastics and basic body control.Increased focus on following direction and social interaction

$70 a month

Advanced Tots : 3.5 yrs - 4 yrs

This class encourages our athletes to become more independent in their skill building . Focus on preparing athletes to graduate the preschool program.

$70 a month

Girls Gymnastics

Beginner Gymnastics

This class is the first step in our instructional gynmastics.Basic skills and terminology are the focus of this class.

                   1hr per week

$70 a month

Intermediate Gymnastics

This class is geared towards athletes with a basic understanding of gymnastics skills and terminology. More advanced skills will be the focus for their progression

1hr per week 

$70 a month

Advanced Gymnastics

Advanced gymnastics classes are to prepare our athletes for competitive gymnastics.Advanced terminology and skill progression is the foundation of this class.

1hr twice a week 

$105 a month

Boys Gymnastics

Boys Gymnastics

Boys Beginner: 

      1hr per week     

Boys Pre-Team :

        2hrs per week  

$70 a month

Ninjas - Learn to jump , flip and tumble like a ninja

Ninja 3&4  : 1hr per week 

Ninja 5-7: 1hr per week 

Ninja 8-11: 1hr per week  

$70 a month


Beginner Tumbling

Learn the basics for great tumbling 


1hr  per week  

$70 a month

Intermediate Tumbling

Focus on connection and standing tumbling technique

1hr per week  

$70 a month

Advanced Tumbling

This Class focuses on correct advanced tumbling skills

*Round off , back handspring tuck without a spot required

1hr twice a week   

$90 a month


Now offering Conditioning classes !